About us

SATsBooks.com supply printed books delivered in the UK. We have created special multi-packs to make selection easy, providing everything needed for your child to be the best they can.

Primary school education is hard enough with ever diminishing school funds. These specially selected  book packs are ideal to ensure your child progresses at the highest level.

Get a head start with learning packs, booster packs and exam packs. We have created special packs for years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Learning packs are best purchased at the start of the school year. Booster packs are best purchased mid-year and Exam packs are best purchased between mid-year and Easter.

Select the pack of interest, add to the basket and checkout securely and wait for the post. Simple!

www.SatsBooks.com: the first port of call for low cost Sats Papers; Sats mocks; Sats tests; Sats practice papers; Sats Booster Packs, Sats books etc.

Take the guess work out of what to buy. Just select the year packs of interest.